Have you been on surfing perfect waves, unfortunately there is/was no surf coach around but you still want your waves to be analyzed and need some tips? FS Surf Coaching provides you with this perfect option: Personalized coaching based on your recent surf/surf skate video.
You will get a detailed video analysis including tipps and tricks for your future surfing adventures. There is no need for a physical meeting: You send your videos/sequence of pictures of a wave to me and I will send you back the complete analyis with the next steps for you to take in order to get your surfing to the next level.
This offer is directed to surfers of all levels, especially free surfers, that would like to get high quality inputs in order to improve efficiently.
Available for one video or several coachings in a row. Each video analysis includes between 4 and 5 tipps to work on for you. Once you think you improved on the corrections, send me the next video and this way you get better – step by step, one by one. Analysis available in English, Spanish, German, and French. Coachings are possible for surfing in the ocean, surfing static waves, and surf skating.

Your personalized video analysis with FS SURF COACHING includes:
  • personal detailed analysis
  • video correction with live comments
  • document with concrete tipps to improve
  • concrete goal setting for next 3 surf session
What you need to send:
  • video/sequence of pictures of a/several waves in decent quality

Far away from your surf coach? No problem!