GRATIS SURF COACHING | waveup mag x fs surf coaching

The perfect deal for everyone that misses the ocean. Since the waveup family is based in Switzerland and their magazine is in German, this video was recorded in Swiss German. Sorry for all the other folks, but check how you can get your free mini surf coaching here. Und so funktioniert’s: 1 | waveup magContinue reading “GRATIS SURF COACHING | waveup mag x fs surf coaching”


Do you need a little reminder of what you learnt in your first week of surfing? Or you just simply never surfed before? Here is 7-time WSL World Champion Stephanie Gilmore to help you out. As part of the Make Waves, Moves Mountains movement by ROXY, which is aiming to encourage all women of allContinue reading “HOW TO SURF WITH STEPHANIE GILMORE”