Fabienne Sutter

Founder of FS Surf Coaching.
ISA Level 2 Surf Coach.
MSc in Sport Science.
Wave, Life and Popcorn Lover.



I surf since I am 18, and started surfing in competitions with 24 years of age.
I surfed in Norway, France, Spain, Islas Canarias, Italy, Portugal, Azores, California, Indonesia, Marocco.
My all time favourite waves break in Ponzos (E).


I practice Yoga weekly since I had a severe neck injury. It helps me with body and breath control.

Power Yoga Basic Certificate (2015).
Fitness Coach C (2020).


I studied Sport Science in Switzerland and worked as a physical education teacher for a few years. I started surf teaching in 2016.

Master of Science in Sports Science (2016).
ISA Surf Coach Level 2 Certificate (2019).
ISA/ILS Surf and SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course (2019).
Tecnico Deportivo Nivel 1 Surf (2020).


Part of Swiss Surfing National Talents Team since 2018.
Competitor at:
– 2018 ISA World Surfing Games, Japan
– 2019 EuroSurf, Portugal
– Swiss Surfing Championships 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019
– regional Spanish surf contests like Superliga Siroko, Circuito Galego


Content Creator

2018 – present

Writing surf related articles for:
– waveup Magazin
– waveupblog
For recent publications check the BLOG section.

Surf Camp Host

2016 – 2017

Hosting a surf camp for University of Lugano Sport Program. Camp organization, daily schedules, cooking, theories, group activities, surf teaching.

Head Surf Coach


Head surf coach at Nordes Surfhouse (E). Organizing and teaching surf lessons, giving theory lessons, yoga and introducing costumers to surf skating.

Surf Teacher

2016 – present

Teaching beginners, intermediates and advanced at Meron Surf School, Waverocker Surfcamp, Luis Rodriguez Surfschool and Nordes Surfhouse in the North of Spain.

Let’s surf together.