28. April 2021. Sandro, the owner and super salesman of TipToTail Bern, and me had the idea of organizing and offering a free surfskate course for all the amazing Bern people. What started as an idea in one of the best surf and skate shops of Switzerland became one hell of a ride for all the participants! I had a blast, and I hope they did too. Here are some impressions from 90 minutes of fun.

The course was open for all levels of surf skaters. A mixed group of total beginners (some showed up with a brand new surfskate) and some that knew their board on wheels quite well, others that surf frequently, signed up for the free course. A wild mix of enthusiastic people got together on a rainy evening. We decided to skate on a parking lot underneath a highway. Quite a good choice, and thank God the cars did not make too much of a close contact with the surfskates…

We started with warming up (goodbye Nicole’s pants), and then set the goal for the class: to imitate movements directly taken from surfing, so that the participants could profit from their time on the skate for future surf trips. We talked about basic positions, bottoms turns, cutbacks and in the end tried to make speed on the board – just like on a wave.

Time went by flying. Just like always when you have a good time. We progressed and had fun while it lasted. A HUGE THANK YOU to all the participants that showed up on such short notice and especially to TipToTail Bern (em Sändu fürs Material, d Idee und d Unterstützig und ade Sarah fürd Fotos und s Lache). See you in the next edition!

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