Surf Skate 6 | In this final part of the surf skateboard review series we hear three more opinions on the SmoothStar Manta Ray and two different Carver boards. My Dutch surf sister and badass babe Nette, Canadian rockstar Thomas and Austrian surf queen Ricarda are going to tell you their professional opinions. Well, they are neither professional surfers nor salesman and -women working in the industry, but they are honest. And that is all that matters. Enjoy the final part of ME + MY RIDE – Surf Skate Series folks and don’t forget to vote about the content of the first surf skate tutorial at the end!

THOMAS & Carver CI Pod Mod 29.25″

Carver CI Pod Mod 29.25″. C7 trucks | surf skates since 2020 | prior skate experience: very little | surf level: intermediate | his height: 189cm
“I live 3-4 hours away from the closest surf breaks and I was looking for that surf feeling in the city. I am super stoked about the fact that my surf skateboard reacts similar to my fish that I surf in the ocean. It is fairly easy to generate speed on flat terrain, and feels very flowy on a slight downhill. I am rather tall with 189cm. On this board I can not quite stand in my surfstance, but it’s more important to me that it’s handy and I can toss it in the car and bring it everywhere. I surfskate mostly in the neighbourhood or with friends in the park. A thousand percent sure that on this board I am only scratching the surface of what is possible since I just recently started. I would recommend the Carver CI Pod Mod for pretty much all skill levels. If you miss surfing but it’s been flat for weeks or you don’t have an ocean closeby, this will sure quench your thirst.” | @tandrey7

NETTE & SmoothStar Manta Ray 35.5″

SmoothStar Manta Ray 35.5″. Thruster trucks | surf skates since 2014 | prior skate experience: little bit of longboarding | surf level: advanced | her height: 181cm
“I got hooked on surf skating in 2014. I hung out in the skate park before with my friends but never had a board. Then I discovered surf skating and it helped me get rid of my really bad poo stance I had in my surfing because I snowboarded so much. Well, that’s how it started. Three years later I changed from the Toledo model to this one. It matches my height now and I can practice in my surf stance. I am currently working with the SmoothStar to better my surf manouvres by compressing more and also trying to connect the manouvres with more flow. I usually skate on slight dowhnhill roads, but also love to skate on big flat concrete/parking lots and in skate parks and bowls. This board feels great, and just like shortboard surfing. It holds great in the turns, and since it’s deck is a little wider than usual surf skateboards, i can also put my feet completely on it. It generates speed easy and it allows me to practice surfing also in smaller spaces. I would absolutely recommend this board for people as tall as me and want to improve their surfing.” | @neeeetteee

RICARDA & Carver Proteus Basalt Rail 30.5″

Carver Proteus Basalt Rail 30.5″ | surf skates since 2019 | prior skate experience: zero | surf level: intermediate | her height: 165cm
“I live in Austria and this obviously limits my direct surf experience, that is why I bought my Carver in a small surf shop in San Francisco in 2019. It was the only one that fit into my luggage so I had not much of a choice. I needed to learn how to skate from 0, and so I started on empty parking lots. Now I feel a little more comfortable and also surf skate on sidewalks. I am still figuring it out, and maybe a bigger board would have helped a total skate beginner like me to feel more comfortable in the beginning. The board is very forgiving to rookie mistakes. I didn’t hurt myself so far trying to imitate the moves from the how-to videos on youtube. I can highly recommend the Carver Proteus Basalt Rail to anybody who starts surfing and surf skating!” | @ricarda_mt37

Thanks so much to you three amazing humans for providing your feedback and insights. Check out their instagram accounts to follow their personal surf skate storeies. Over the course of this me + my ride series I’ve learnt so many new things about different surf skateboards myself, and hope this was the case for you aswell.

Hey! I will next do A TUTORIAL ON A SURF SKATING MANOUVRE. Which move do you want me to explain in detail? Please tick the boxes or add more ideas and I will catch up with you during the next week. Yeeew, and let’s hope all of you can see the ocean again soon.


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