Surf Skate 5 | Everyone appreciates honesty, authenticity and transparency. I do too, especially when it comes to investing 200 and 350 Euros for a new training device or leisure time gadget. So here are some more surf skate reviews for you, from people just like you. Check out what the four sporty spices Michèle, Martin, Sandra and Beat have to say about their personal surf skateboards. In this blog you find feedbacks on Carver, SurfTech, Yow and Smoothstar boards. Enjoy the second part of ME + MY RIDE – Surf Skate Series!

MICHÈLE & Carver Swallow Tail 29″

Carver Swallow Tail 29″. CX trucks | surf skates since 2018 | prior skate experience: penny board rides to the supermarket | surf level: beginner – intermediate | her height: 164cm
“I bought my Carver to practice moves before going on a longer trip to Latin America but ended up using it only a couple of times. In 2019 I took some surf skate lessons in Rio de Janeiro on a SwellTech ‘Jamie O’Brien’ Board. In the beginning it felt super shaky and hard to balance, but in the end I was even able to perform slides in the top turn – pure joy! When i got back home my Carver felt really stiff compared to the SwellTech Board. That’s why I loosened the front truck a little, but always had to double check the screw wouldn’t fall off completely. At the moment I am looking for a board that is just a tiny bit more mobile to really practice surf movements. I also feel like I can’t stand wide enough on my 29″ Carver board to really perfor movements in my normal surf stance. Despite all of this, the Carver is an amazing board, easy to pump and really cool to cruise the streets. I would recommend the Carver Swallow Tail for surf skate beginners or people that want to cruise the streets. It is quite a stable board and the trucks loosen up a bit, the more you use it.” | @mi_hun

BEAT & Yow Clay Marzo 34.5″

YOW Clay Marzo 34.5″. V4 S5 trucks | surf skates since 2017 | prior skate experience: little, he used to longboard | surf level: intermediate – advanced | his height: 182cm
“I bought my YOW in 2017, mainly to move from the car park down to the beach. Now I started using it also in skateparks and on pumptracks. My main reason to use it is to have fun, but I believe it also helps my surfing. With 34.5″ the board is pretty long, for me being a former longboarder it was easy to get used to it. I am really surprised with how resistant my surf skate is to sand, salt water and dirt. Let’s say I wasn’t always only nice to it. I would recommend the Yow Clay Marzo for anyone that’s looking for a great cruiser that is able to do quick turns if you push it. Probably best suited for taller people, that do not want to perform extremely radical movements. ” | @beat.ramseier

SANDRA & Smoothstar Johanne Defay 32.5″

Smoothstar Johanne Defay 32.5″. Thruster truck system. | surf skates since 2018 | prior skate experience: zero | surf level: advanced | her height: 158cm
“I bought my Smoothstar after attending a surf skate introduction course in Zurich in 2018, which was my very first skate experience ever! I mainly want to improve my posture and also get routine with the specific surf movements, especiall my cutback. In March 2020 i did an advanced surf training and got a lot of inputs on the specific techniques of turns, now I am taking those inputs from my surf coach to train them on my Smoothstar. I am really motivated, cause I can practice 1:1. The Johanne Defay model is perfect for me because I am not that tall and rather leight weighted. I recommend surf skating to all the surfers out there that only have limited time to spend by the ocean.” | @san_dee11

Martin & Carver CI Flyer 30.75″

Carver CI Flyer 30.75″. CX trucks | surf skates since 2020 | prior skate experience: very very little | surf level: beginner – intermediate | his height: 175cm
“In March 2020 I bought my Carver, and since then use is regularly on the streets in my neighbourhood, sometimes I even go to the skatepark. I want to improve my overall board feeling and skills, and I think the surf skate does it’s job really well. It was a little wobbly for me to begin my skate career with, mainly because of it’s short size, but now it definitely grew on me and it let’s me generate speed easily. I can totally recommend this board, it’s an allrounder that you can cruise from A to B with aswell. As a beginner you will have to get used to it at first if you don’t have any skate experience, but you will get there – just like I did!” | @tschutschutschuldigung80

Interesting insights into the world of surf skateboards from Martin, Michèle, Sandra and Beat. A million muchas gracias to you for sharing your stories and helping out others. If you feel like this blog is helping you out in some way, or you just like to read it and stay up to date with what is going on in the world of surfing, skating and surf coaching sign up for the FS Surf Coaching Newsletter now! I can’t wait to hear about the last four surf skate stories. Coming up soon!


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