Surf Skate 4 | Oh wow, there are so many awesome people out there that surf skate! I had no idea. The problem stays the same though: within the tremendously big variety of surf skate models and brands it’s really hard to get a good feeling for a suitable board for yourself. Honest surf skate reviews on the internet are hard to find. This led me to dig a little deeper. Here is the result (give me a drumrooooooooll): part one of ME + MY RIDE – Surf Skate Series! Check out what the four surf skate badasses Carlo, Robin, Claudia, and Milan have to say about their surf skateboards.

CARLO + Carver Greenroom 33.75″

Carver Greenroom 33.75″, C7 Trucks | surf skates since 2017 | prior skate experience: none, he inlined before | surf level: intermediate | his height: 180cm
“I just wanted to keep surfing after a holiday in Costa Rica and was looking for that surf feeling on the street. I use my surf skate on the road or in pumptracks to exhaust myself and feel the burn. I also work on specific movements, and currently I am learning the trick ‘boneless 180’. This board is an allrounder: i can go from A to B, it pushes well in the pumptrack, and after a while I managed to do sharp turns and slides. I recommend this board for surf skate beginners and people using surf boards longer than 6’5″ in the ocean, it will give you the same longboardfeeling!” | @carloodermatt

ROBIN + Smoothstar Filipe Toledo #77 33″

Smoothstar Filipe Toledo #77 33″, Thruster Trucks | surf skates since 2017 | prior skate experience: skateboarding for 13 years | surf level: advanced | his height: 175cm
“After 13 years of skateboarding, the surf bug bit me and so I also bought a surf skateboard to improve my surfing. I use the Smoothstar in pumptracks, on slight downhill streets, and in bowls. I am working on improving my turns like my cutback, and learn new tricks. But I also surf skate to stay in shape and enjoy surfing when there is no surf. I am in love with this board, I cannot say anything negative about it. I would recommend the board for surfers of my height that bring a bit of boardfeeling or some years of surf experience with them and want to practice their tricks on the concrete.” | @robdcrx

CLAUDIA + Carver CI Pod Mod 29.25″

Carver CI Pod Mod 29.25″, C7 trucks | surf skates since 2018 | prior skate experience: zero | surf level: beginner-intermediate | her height: 163cm
“I bought my Carver in Madrid, where the owner of the “Caribbean” shop gave me my first tips on the basic skate position, how to balance and pump on the surf skate. Since then I skate a lot on flat grounds: garages, parking lots, my backyard. I am working on improving my balance and experiencing speed without being afraid of it. To me it’s like meditation in action, I can learn to face my fears. I absolutely love my board, and I can generate speed on it easily. I absolutely recommend surf skating to challenge your mind and body outside the water, and this is a good board to start your surf skating career.” | @clauea

MILAN + Yow Teahupoo 34″

Yow Teahupoo 34″ – V3 S5 Trucks | surf skates since 2019 | prior skate experience: zero | surf level: intermediate | his height: 186cm
“I used to be afraid of skating, but eventually started in 2019, because I live in Germany and my time by the ocean is very limited. Since I always felt like I had to start all over again the first days in a surf camp, I am now working on my balance and overall fitness with the surf skate. I usually practice on bike paths with smooth surfaces next to cows and horses. This board is good for me, I feel comfortable and confident on it. It is really stable, this especially shows when I go downhill: turning the board gets harder. I can practice making speed and wide bottom and top turn carves on it. I would recommend this board for everyone who is – like me – a beginner to surf skating and wants to feel comfortable quickly.” | @milan.sch

Big big thank yous and a million shaka points for Carlo, Robin, Claudia and Milan for providing your stories and feedbacks on these similar, but also very different surf skateboards. I hope you can identify yourself with any of these cool surferboys and – girls when it comes to former experience, goals, or surf level. This can definitely help you to get an idea on which board you want buy or change to. I personally can’t wait to hear more stories of ME + MY RIDE. Stay tuned, they will drop soon! If you want to know more about one of the boards or simply if this was helpful for you please leave a comment and make us all feel good!

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