Ever heard of the Surfers Collective? If not, here is your answer to overcome the boringness of the lovely cuarantine time. Because their goal is to INSPIRE and GET INSPIRED!

Surfers Collective is a Biarritz based community of surfers that create all kind of stuff with passion. It is a union of photographers, illustrators, visual story tellers, and of course, surfers from all over the world. A bunch of cool kids worth checking out.

Last month they released their very first magazine No. 1. Artists like Sebastan Drews, Filipe Mariano, Johny Surfart, Monster Surfboards (Eduardo Mon), Jorge Hunt, and Crosby Harris created their own stories, all of them representing their interpretation of TIME is NOW.

Get your copy of TIME is NOW online via www.surfers-collective.com (22€) and don’t forget how beautiful the ocean and our favourite hobby actually is.